Dude, Where’s My Law?

Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

John Deere Financial
6400 NW 86th St.
Johnston, IA 50131

Additional instructions: Registration is required. All non-Deere attendees will need to enter through the main entrance (facing 86th St.). Each attendee will need to bring a photo ID to present (if requested) at check-in.

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Over the years more and more people have adopted Agile processes and practices to achieve better outcomes for their organizations. As with anything that goes from relative obscurity into the mainstream, many of the driving principles behind it tend to get lost in the shuffle. In response to this, one of our industry’s best, David Hussman, coined “Dude’s Law” to remind people of this drift away from the core principles behind the way we work. Join me while we revisit Dude’s Law, touching on what it means today and what it can mean tomorrow.

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Brandon Carlson

IT Nerd

A self-proclaimed nerd, Brandon Carlson works for Lean TECHniques, Inc., an IT consultancy that helps teams deliver high-value, high-quality products to market. Since starting his career in 1995, Brandon has held positions from development and architecture to management—and he’s still learning. Passionate about developing both people and products, he and his team at Lean TECHniques have helped countless organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies improve their product development and delivery systems. Brandon can be reached on Twitter @bcarlso and pretty much everywhere else on the web as “bcarlso.”